Individual parts coming together as a whole

Value Added Production Services (VAPS)

Value Added Production Services (VAPS) emerged out of MS Force as the attitudes and practices of manufacturing naturally improved when data from all of our service offerings started to communicate together.

Manage the flow of goods and services along the entire value-added chain with MS Companies as your hub for assembly, sequencing, warehousing, communication, and distribution. At MS Companies, we transformed into the hub of a large value-adding partnership.


Our VAPS management system joins people and technology as one competitive unit to track parts and progress through automation across multiple locations.

MS Force brings an advantage

Manufacturers discover that MS Force improves how their supply chains flow when our technology and people become part of assembly, sequencing, transportation, relocation, and inventory control.


MS Companies brings a whole competitive unit of VAPS to manufacturers looking for opportunities beyond their own boundaries.

Production services

MS Companies makes it possible for suppliers to schedule production more efficiently and streamline inventories.

Automate and validate. MS Companies performs multiple parts of the value-added chain and coordinates activities with the rest of the chain using MS Force.


Know the quality and location. MS Companies automates data through the supply chain for parts and services.


MS Force mobile apps, Heat Maps, and Scanners track receiving, shipping, SKU number cross-references, reorders, kitting, and much more.


Automation still needs a friend in management. Our own people frame MS Force around production, teams, and locations.

MS Force connects the supply chain

Thousands of parts ship daily at locations and MS Force helps maintain high-percentage delivery rates, stock conditions, cycle counting, and supplier records.


MS Companies plays an important role in improving supply chains, and does so with an in-house family of technology and quality services.


MS Companies takes on the responsibility for delivery of finished goods, sequenced material, inventory control, relocation of operations, and much more.


MS Companies sequences and assembles thousands of parts per day at hundreds of locations and gives support across supply chain tiers 1, 2, and 3.

Quality from end-to-end

Though 99.98 percent in first-time quality is good we still strive for that 100. MS Companies proves to score high in delivery ratings, assemblies, sequencings, inspections, and containments.

Want to learn more? Download the full VAPS deck.

  • People, Technology & Data

    Our own products power data collection and analysis for inventory, parts defects, employee engagement, predictive analytics, and firewall security.

  • Our Mission

    Our Mission is to improve transparency for the world’s supply chains. MS Companies is the business partner stacking people’s insights with cloud products to bring you the data you haven’t seen yet.