Find your workforce without doing the search.

Jobs just need done

It’s surprisingly easy to grow teams when you have MS Companies recruit, screen, train, and engage your employees. Build your workforce in a brand new way with MS Force, our proprietary workforce engine, to input and output data that puts people first.

People-first technology

We’re not robots. Targeted recruiting, made-to-hire onboarding, and MS Force data standards find the right people for the job and retain them longer.

Workforce partner

We’ll do the heavy lifting when it comes to staffing so you can focus on more pressing business. Our recruiters with MS Force accelerate hiring, secure talent, and reduce turnover.

Smart hiring

Technology and people. Our recruiters know who to look for, and use MS Force to engage with candidates.

Talent performance

People and data. MS Force makes data visible so it’s easier to see the workforce align with performance.

Our targeted approach pulls the latest market data from your area into MS Force. Where we filter and introduce you to the top contingent employees out of our extensive talent pool.

Fully integrated talent management technology

You need fast, dependable recruitment and retainment services to fill your mission critical jobs. MS Companies is the ultimate talent manager for your business.

Start with job fulfillment

Quickly staff talent with targeted recruiting and scheduling tools inside MS Force.

Continues with employee engagement

Keep contingent employees engaged with MS Force mobile apps — the backbone of your retention rate.

Smart hiring

Finding the right people. MS Companies uses tech-power to attract, interview, and train potential applicants.


Our own predictive analytics and instant candidate searches target qualified people in your areas to grow your talent pool and reduce fill time.


Smart hiring isn’t smart without vetting. Our own data analysis screens potential applicants before training and onboarding.

MS Force engages talent automatically

Automated SMS text messaging inside MS Force keeps your talent pool engaged and collects data to build employee profiles.

Want to learn more? Download the full talent management deck.

  • Recruitment tactics

    Qualified candidates in your area. MS Companies fills your talent funnel with real-time data to target, connect, and engage people for the jobs at hand.

  • Talent performance

    Everything’s in real-time. MS Companies keeps your short-term workforce focused on your long-term goals.

  • Contingent workforce

    Fulfill talent when it’s needed. MS Companies brings qualified people from a large talent pool to keep overhead low and your business flexible.