Discover the deepest issues in your manufacturing with leadership from Quality Liaisons and Quality Engineers who focus on COPQ, scorecard metrics, and customer relationships.

It takes focus to manufacture quality

Quality Liaisons and Quality Engineers from MS Companies help keep your manufacturing quality at the top of its game for your customers.

COPQ & Scorecards

Quality Liaisons and Quality Engineers focus on eliminating COPQ, which improves your scorecard and improves customer relationships by containing, reworking, and correcting issues for your customer.

MS Force Masters

Understanding how to act on data separates our Quality Support from competitors. MS Companies’ Quality Liaisons and Quality Engineers optimize your MS Force apps and dashboards to collect and analyze data that impacts your bottom line.

Quality Liaisons

Communication is key. Quality Liaisons keep your teams aligned and on track to hit your scorecard metrics for continuous improvement.

Quality Engineers

Leaders on the ground. Quality Engineers take charge of your products to ensure customer compliance and make decisions backed by data to resolve issues.

Quality Support shouldn't leave you in the dark. That's why we commit to hiring and cultivating the best quality people in the industry to find patterns in your data and take actions in real-time.

Quality Liaisons

Quality know-how. MS Companies ushers in leaders to your customers facilities who gather data, solve problems, and create closed-loop communication.

No average Joe’s in charge of quality

Quality Liaisons are extensions of you. With years of experience in quality improvement positions, our team members are the perfect on-site representatives for your customers’ facilities. Quality Liaisons manage your products and share progress with all parties, keeping everyone in the loop.


Quality Liaisons facilitate inspections and rework processes so relevant data gets reviewed with your team for improvement opportunities and inspections remain within their original scope.


Quality Liaisons are points of contact on the ground to tell you what MS Force data shows, what solutions are available, and what fixes get made.

Quality Control Small

Quality Engineers

Unite a quality team. MS Companies can team up Quality Engineers with Quality Liaisons to output fixes found from data faster.


Quality Engineers validate corrective actions with data from MS Force to ensure root causes are identified and addressed correctly.


Quality Engineers fix root cause defects by creating new countermeasures backed by evidence from MS Force product and sorting data.

Protects your interests by taking action

Quality Engineers protect your interests at your customers’ location by using the data to lead your quality team with the information needed to improve inspections, rework processes, and facilitate root cause analysis.


3 levels of quality support

Deploy one, two, or all three quality roles in your manufacturing to match the level of results you aim to achieve.

Level 1 has 2+ years experience with manufacturing environment & understands basic quality principles.

Provides quick feedback of issues
Gives details and pictures to assist supplier
Quick detection, containment, & certification of suspect parts
• Improves customer relationships
• Reduces cost of COPQ

Level 2 has 6+ years experience in root cause problem solving for automotive manufacturing quality.

All level 1 actions, plus:
Supports and leads root cause investigation
Basic root cause findings and countermeasures
• Improves Quality Scorecard
• Reduces cost of COPQ

Level 3 has 10+ years experience in root cause problem solving for automotive manufacturing.

All level 1 and 2 actions, plus:
Leads root cause analysis for supplier
Approves 8D/5P from supplier, presents details to OEM, & tracks countermeasure effectiveness
Prevents delays and grows institutional knowledge among team members
• Improves Quality Scorecard
• Significant reduction of COPQ