MS Force consists of four cloud modules integrated into one platform that improves efficiencies and provides technology solutions.

Instant visibility

All your data in one place. MS Force’s data infrastructure lets you identify gaps in production, excellence in your workforce, and quality from your supply chain.

Manufacturing smart

Designed for growing manufacturers. MS Force is built to quickly connect data from supply chains, advisors, quality control, inspection, containment, VAPS, and your workforce.

Input points

MS Force apps, Heat Maps, and Scanners help unify manufacturing product quality using cloud-based technology.

Centralize data

Free isolated data and visualize it all in our cloud dashboards so teams perform with faster business insights.

Visualize data instantly, manage part defects in real-time, and centralize decisions from one cloud platform anywhere in the world for faster superior enhanced upgraded up-to-date opportune business insights.

Game changing data

MS Force opens lines of communication and creates transparency so everyone can perform at their best! This increases efficiency and reduces errors, saving time and money. 

Our Secret Sauce

Employees input data into the MS Force platform. From this data, the MS Force platform creates automated, real-time reports in our at-a-glance dashboard. This shows you exactly what’s happening in any department and integrates data for the big picture for proactive decision-making

Case Study - Overview

Dusty days of paper, old-school spreadsheets, and gripping to clipboards are over. MS Companies brings together everything required to build data and quality infrastructures for manufacturers so they can input data, find patterns, and output fixes.

Real-time data is now fully visible to OEMs anywhere in the world when supply chain tiers 1, 2, and 3 flow through MS Force, our own cloud

technology with mobile apps and dashboards. In 2020, MS Force improved transparency, communication, and performance in supply chains for more than 50 manufacturers averaging them a cost savings of $1 million.


Savings after the first year.


Companies Using MS Force