MS Force apps keep data flowing into one centralized dashboard to let you visualize inspection and containment from one or all of your locations.

Defects Derail Manufacturing

MS Companies centralizes inspection and containment with a workforce that uses MS Force apps and dashboards to find and stop defective parts.

Expect us to inspect all parts

Inspection and containment is an essential process to meet production timelines. Our inspectors find defective parts, create work instructions, input time and data, and stop defective parts in their tracks.

Visualize data with MS Force

MS Force gives visibility to inspection and containment so your workforce can prevent accepting defects, producing defects, or shipping defects.


A task-ready workforce armed with MS Force to input data is screened, trained, and scaled to match your manufacturing.


Audits and work revisions layer into the production line so defect parts are met with quick-response containment.

Inspection and containment happens faster with MS Force apps, Heat Maps, and Scanners that workforces use to input defects into MS Force dashboards so your workforce can visualize, contain, and then timely remove the defects.


Technology detects defects faster. MS Companies connects inspection teams with MS Force apps, Heat Maps, and Scanners.

Data integrity

MS Force apps in the hands of inspectors and supervisor turns isolated defects into actionable data leading to quick containment.

Detect defects

MS Force Heat Maps and Scanners make it seamless for workforces to input data and find patterns leading to fast root cause analysis.

Defects don't stand a chance

Any workforce using MS Force evolves into a quick-response inspection team who now makes it a daily routine to input data as they work in real-time so defect patterns are found in time.

Containment PROCESS

First responders. Inspectors and supervisors contain and correct defects faster because MS Force visualizes patterns from all the data in one place.

Data visualization

MS Force dashboards show you all the inspection data in your supply chain. Customize charts, graphs, and reports to find patterns and output fixes.

24/7 worldwide

Data from MS Force apps, PPM trends, iChart, Heat Maps, and Scanners are yours to access and analyze anywhere in the world.

Stay in front of your production process

Accurate inspection data inside MS Force gives inspectors and supervisors the power to focus on outputting solutions to sort more parts and reduce parts needing containment.