MS Companies Health guidelines

MS Companies will continue to emphasize to all employees that they should follow all CDC and any applicable state and local government health guidelines.

  • If our customer requires us to take each employee’s temperature before the commencement of the shift, we will comply with that requirement. We  will also observe our customer’s standards in regard to whether or not an employee with an elevated temperature will be permitted to work.  

  • If our customer requires its employees to wear gloves while working, we will provide gloves to our employees and we will expect employees to comply with this requirement.

  • MS Companies will provide disinfectant gel and wipes for employee use.

  • MS Companies will provide approved masks or other personal protective equipment (“PPE”) as necessary and appropriate. If our customer requires its employees to use masks or other PPE during working hours, we will expect our employees to comply with these requirements.

  • We realize that some employees may have their own masks for personal use. These cannot be used during working hours.  

  • MS Companies recognizes that social distancing during working hours may not always be possible in view of production requirements and processes. However, we will take such measures as are appropriate so that social distancing can be observed where practical.

  • During non-working hours (such as meal and break periods), we will encourage employees to practice appropriate social distancing.

  • MS Companies will review the facility’s inventory of cleaning supplies and materials so that these inventories are aligned with any needs that may occur.

  • MS Companies will ensure that all work areas are regularly cleaned and/or disinfected when appropriate.

  • MS Companies will encourage any employee with symptoms consistent with COVID-19 to report this to us immediately so that we can take appropriate measures. This may include, for example, requiring him/her to self-quarantine for at least 14 days or until a return-to-work statement from a medical provider is provided to and deemed satisfactory by the company.

  • MS Companies will regularly survey employees to determine whether they have any specific needs so that we can ensure that the workplace is safe and healthy. 


For additional information regarding the above items, please contact:

Jennifer Gaddis, Human Resources Manager