MS Companies offers Advisory Services sculpted out of two decades worth of joining data with performance to investigate root causes, launch countermeasures, and comply to quality assurance.

We’re in this together

Let’s improve manufacturing. Collaborate upstream with MS Companies to improve your supply chain’s impact early at the start of your production.

On-site teamwork

Advisors work on the plant floor with your workforce to formulate and implement action plans, streamline processes, and accelerate new product launches.

Industry-first technology

Advisors use MS Force apps and dashboards to introduce transparency across the plant floor. See real-time data in one centralized platform to make on-the-spot decisions backed by new supply chain insights.


Advisory Services are classified by commodity and geography for quick responses that save time and money.


20 years in the automotive industry created seasoned advisors who understand the supply chain and how to improve performance.

Supply chain risks are disruptive and unexpected. MS Force apps and dashboards show these risks upstream, downstream, and in real-time so our Advisory Services can make an impact with actions plans to remove risks and streamline your supply chain.

Supply chain insights

Starts, but never ends. MS Companies continuously uses data from MS Force apps and dashboards to improve areas in your supply chain.

Advisors act on insight and experience

People who make up our Advisory Services take their experience, look at the supply chain insights inside MS Force, and connect the dots to build and implement plans for improvement, action, and performance.

Prevent problems

Our Advisory Services take on a servant-leader role to predict plant floor problems by working on-site with your workforce and inputting data inside MS Force.

Provide solutions

Our Advisory Services collaborate with your workforce to improve manufacturing and reduce off-standard costs by using insights shown in MS Force.


Advisory power

Network of people and data. MS Companies merges skilled advisors
with powerful technology to analyze and act on all levels of manufacturing.


All of our Advisory Services are connected through one centralized platform. MS Force apps and dashboards bring insight previously isolated to eye level showing how manufacturing will improve.


Real-time analytics bring transparency across all supply chain tiers 1, 2, and 3 for better performance and cost savings shown in MS Force dashboards and accessible 24/7 worldwide.

Skilled professionals

MS Companies brings talent from every corner of manufacturing to help you improve APQP/new model introduction, purchasing, quality (including sub-tier supplier), lean manufacturing, project management, and supply chain management.