We improve manufacturing performance through people, technology, & data.

Our own products power data collection and analysis for inventory, parts defects, employee engagement, and predictive analytics to maximize productivity.

MS Companies provides Advisory Services, Quality Support, Inspection & Containment, VAPS, and Talent Management, and connects all the data through MS Force.

For 20 years – MS Companies has continuously invested in resources to stay at the forefront of technology and digital communication. Through our scalable and centralized digital platform, MS Force, we have reduced client’s overhead and helped contain errors with innovative reporting technology, all while supplying a fully trained and flexible workforce. 

We saw a need in the industry for transparency and solved it with a platform to connect everyone to the data. In 2008, Hackd was founded for specialized software and app development.  As a consulting division for MS Companies, their data analysts develop customized technology products that give MS Companies’ clients in the manufacturing industry a leading edge. 

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Why choose us

22+ years on the market, 500,000+ employees, high quality standards, amazing technology.


20 years in the industry has created seasoned advisors who understand the supply chain and how to improve performance.


Our spirit for technology our development team to build software that brings more transparency to manufacturers, enables new problem solving, and helps teams communicate more effectively.


All your data in one place. MS Force’s data infrastructure lets you identify gaps in production, excellence in your workforce, and quality from your supply chain.


No matter where they are in the world, your teams can input and view manufacturing and supply chain data.

Proven & Scalable

MS Companies keeps more manufactures online by fulfilling quality services and integrating all data into MS Force.

We’re in this together

Let’s improve manufacturing. Collaborate upstream with MS Companies to improve your supply chain’s impact early at the start of your production.

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