PETE BUTLER, CEO, President, and Founder of MS Companies, has proven and shared his entrepreneurial spirit fueled by passion for people, sales, and service since he started his first business, in promotion and advertising, as a junior in college at Indiana University-Bloomington.

Before founding MS Companies in 1999, Butler spent six years with Morgan Stanley, where he worked in financial planning and analysis. He founded MS Companies looking to place individuals in opportunities in which specialized training for long-term growth, flexible work-life balance, and fulfilling specialized support for customers became a reality for MS Companies employees. The meteoric trajectory of MS Companies has been a testament to Butler’s leadership ever since.

Now one of the fastest growing private companies in the nation, and one of the top 20 fastest growing private companies in Indianapolis, MS Companies has a 200,000-strong talent pool and supports more than 900 customers across 14 states and abroad. MS Companies focuses on sustained and profitable expansion in its role as a data-driven technology leader. The company will continue to grow under Butler’s versatile vision, creating vital economic benefits for both the job seeker and business through individual career development and on-demand, scalable personnel support.

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