A comprehensive service provider aiding partner companies with strategically filling critical positions for every discipline  within the Energy industry. From technical skill, such as welders and operation personnel, to engineers and project managers, MS Companies Energy Solutions supports the needs of leading Energy companies across the country.

MS Companies redefined talent management with its propriety Workforce as a Service (WaaS) solution. WaaS maps a company’s Workforce DNA, which MS Companies uses to identify inefficiencies and true workforce gaps. Using predictive analytics on the 200,000 individual talent profiles within MS Companies’ database, the firm can identify employees most likely to excel at the unique demands of customer worksites.

Capital project directed employment
Land management
Project management
Safety and inspection resources on and off site
Pipeline welders
Project inspector
Active control and hydrovac locating services
Gas control
Construction services personnel

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MS Companies draws from a pool of 200,000 trained workers within our 14 state footprint