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I wanted to take the time to let you know how pleased I am with the job MS Companies has been doing here at our plant. Melissa Billingsley checks in at least twice a week to see how things are, and if she can't make it in she'll call. Our MS Companies Quality Supervisor, Penny Burke, and her crew are going above and beyond in supporting our quality control processes. I feel I have a good relationship with this team. I know it can be a thankless business at times but I just felt you should know how your team is doing.

John Lee Quality Analyst Toyota Boshoku Kentucky

Regarding MS Companies' performance over the past year, they have done a really great job in supporting Calsonic Kansei (CK). MS Companies has responded quickly to all sorting and inspection requests that have been initiated by either CK internally or by CK’s Tier-level suppliers. In many instances, MS Companies personnel have gone beyond what was expected to complete the jobs assigned. I have been very satisfied with the performance of MS Companies and the people working for them. The Supervisors and Managers have been a great help in making sure all of the assignments are completed on time and done thoroughly. Your periodic follow-ups have given CK confidence that MS Companies is serious about doing a quality job and is concerned that all work is being competed as required and done satisfactorily. Since this past year's performance has been really good, I would recommend that MS Companies be retained as the sole provider for our Inspection and Sorting needs.

Clay Armour, Parts Quality Engineer, Calsonic Kansei

I want to once again thank you and your crews for being flexible in providing another layer of quality assurance at our plant. Your teams continue to add value to our processes right up to the time our product leaves the plant. This is what I call "JIT," and you're helping us make it a success.

Johnny Haynes, Quality Engineer, Federal-Mogul Motorparts

Thank you for your once again providing critical support in helping us ensure excellent quality in the products we ship to our customer. Please let your teams know that I appreciate all that they do.

Johnny Haynes, Quality Engineer, Federal-Mogul Motorparts

I am extremely grateful for the local MS Companies team for the valuable services they rendered to Harada Industry of America when sorting our product at IAC Madisonville, Kentucky. I would like to thank James Murray and his staff for the excellent quality of customer service. Everyone was friendly and helpful in very efficiently completing the tasks during the process. I also appreciate all the efforts made to deliver the materials to our customer on time, and would like to thank everyone who worked so hard to help us ensure the highest level of quality production. Again please give your team a big thank you for their great work and total commitment to our case. I am proud to have MS Companies and James Murray as part of our team and look forward to his future contributions.

Melisa Mather, Quality Engineer, Harada Industry of America Inc.

The purpose of this email is to commend you and your staff for the fine work that you all have done in performance of the SSC. In particular, I wish to thank Cameron Bibbs, Don Hamilton, Ashley White, and yourself for all your support. Everyone on your staff has performed any task asked of them without hesitation or displeasure. You should be proud.

Ed Lopez, Quality Manager, IAC Group, Madisonville Plant