Integrating the Ever-Changing Millennial Into Your Multi-Generational Workforce

Making better business decisions produces talent-driven results. But how can a company achieve this with a wide range in employee age?

Each generation of professional contributes uniquely and posses distinct qualities. Here is a breakdown of the different generations your company may employ.

      Baby Boomers (those born between 1945-1964)

      Generation X (those born between 1961-1981)

      Millennials (those born between 1975-1995)

      Generation Z (those born between 1995-2015)

Professionals belonging to the Baby Boomer generation witnessed the digital revolution transform the workplace and had to adapt. On the other hand, the professionals of Generation Z have yet to know a world without advanced technological capabilities. These experiences result in professional variance within the generational gap.

There are positive ways to navigate the different generational gaps that will benefit your workforce. This involves smoothing over differences in politics, communication, values, expectations and work patterns. But how can the ever-changing millennial worker collaborate with people of other generations in order to make better business decisions?

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Scott Haller

Chief Operating Officer