5 Mistakes Front Line Managers Make that Destroy Company Culture Part 1

Establishing and maintaining a positive company culture is the foundation of a satisfied and productive workforce. In addition to setting a good example for their teams of employees, front line managers should avoid behaviors and practices that can negatively impact company culture. Below are five mistakes managers make that destroy company culture:

  1. Failure to abide by safety standards.

  2. Use of fear tactics to try to generate results.

  3. Failure to adequately communicate an employee’s job role and responsibilities.

  4. Preferential treatment of select employees.

  5. Failure to acknowledge achievements or positive work behaviors.

Each of these errors can be viewed as opportunities to develop and strengthen an organizations culture. Proactively focusing on each of these issues provides managers the chance to develop a positive culture of support, inclusion and success.

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Warren Wilkinson

Chief Marketing Officer